TopShelf Razors Company was created for you. We are all continually frustrated at paying ridiculous prices for razors blades and having to pay an average of $20.00 for just 4 blades. The price keeps increasing yearly with no market correction in sight due the lack of competition. The alternatives available are cheaper, but you sacrifice the shave quality you deserve. That’s why TopShelf Razor Company was created.

Our mission is to provide our customers a quality razor that compares to any razor in the market, while providing consumers exceptional pricing. We can offer a precision quality razor handle and blades that won’t force you to sacrifice the quality and longevity you expect. We are a no frills company. We don’t have expensive marketing budgets, no expensive packaging, and we are fulfilling a need for a product that doesn’t gouge consumers, we simply provide a quality shave at an affordable price.

Our razors are constructed with a precision weighted alloy handle and our blades are of the highest quality American stainless steel to deliver a close, smooth shave. You will be completely satisfied, our guarantee to you. Try us now and start saving money while getting a great shave with TopShelf Razor Company and enjoy our shaving experience.